The importance of continuity in branding

You’ve created a brand; that may seem like the hard part is done and dusted, but how far away from the truth do you already know that to be? In the world of business nothing comes easy; but those who work hard are rewarded with recognition and very often financial gain.

Continuity is a vital aspect to any brand. Think how easy it is to spot that red Coca Cola can in the supermarket; the brand recognition is almost instant. I doubt very much people have to read to see what is a can, or bottle of Coke. By keeping the same theme across your products with a constant logo you are subconsciously offering your potential customers easy accessibility.

This applies to your online world. Your website; your twitter, your facebook, your instragram; and whichever other social media outlets you are using. If these are all different, not only does it present an unprofessional image but it also is damaging your brand by losing an incredibly valuable asset from the consumer; trust.

Customer perception of your brand cannot be undervalued; this is your platform to get your message across but also deal with your customers in, almost, real-time! Make sure that when you send your customers an e-mail; no matter what, that you always keep your branding in mind! You can easily set up an e-mail signature in programs like outlook. Use these every time you use an e-mail; even internally. It will help your brand overall to do this!

I would bet that you can identify the brand easily when I mention the Golden Arches; or the colonel. OK; they’re both fast food example but worldwide these have become famous logos. Icons if you will.

It’s understandable that businesses need to develop; if a business isn’t developing then it’s not going to be the success it could be. Change is a good thing; development is an important part of expanding your business empire but little things make all the difference. This means if you change your twitter picture then make sure it’s changed on every other aspect of social media that you are using to promote your company. It’s a re-branding overhaul that takes under 10 minutes to do! As I mentioned, it’s the little things that your customers will pick up on.

This is something that matters whether you’re a small start-up operation or a huge multi-national company. If you have these tools at your fingertips then use them as a free marketing campaign when you do update them! There’s a tweet already written for you. You can even use this to engage with your customers and find out what they think of your new brand image or logo.

Without continuity you are shooting yourself in the foot. Something as simple as changing a few pictures; and making sure your company are all on board and implement the changes at the same time will not only benefit your image but also in time, the company pocket.


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